A Brief Bio

How I got here

I’m a photographer and filmmaker living in the Pacific Northwest. I never expected to be a photographer. It was always something on the edge of my dreams, but never what I really aimed for. I studied business and had plans to be an investment banker. But as college carried on and I began to network more and more with individuals from the field, I realized that I wasn’t doing what I really wanted. So, after graduating from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, I moved out West.

I found myself a video job that launched me into working as a studio photographer for a company in Bellingham, WA. But I’m interested in all sorts of art forms.  I also do a bit of design work. For example, I built my family’s website for their pawn shop in downtown Pagosa Springs, Co.

1 year and counting with the Olympic Speedskater Anna Ringsred.

Tad with his girlfriend Anna Ringsred

Do me a favor, take a look at my work and drop me a line. Say hello. I love to meet other artists and fans. Thanks for checking out my webpage.