Mary By Chrispy

A young woman finds herself in a strange, confining place. Her attempts to break free from this world lead her further down the rabbit hole. Crew: Executive Producers – Chrispy Stift and James Bauckman Producer – James Bauckman, Benjamin Owens, and Tad Beavers Director – Benjamin Owens Director of Photography – Tad Beavers Camera Assistant – Eliott Glasser Assistant Director – Kes Simpson MUAH, Wardrobe, Effects Makeup – Mi Chelle Nessk and the Alchemists Boudoir Script Supervisor – James Mahoney Carpenter and Set Building – Kyle Reardon Extra Gardening – James Bauckman Production Assistants – Lorraine Wilde, Chrispy Stift Editors …

First Gallery Showing of my Photographs at Third Planet

I’ve never printed a single one of my photographs… That thought hit me hard about a week ago. I was at my friend Evan Bogart’s house, admiring his lovely photos. He and his girlfriend Sam had just moved into their new apartment and, already, he had all of his photos hanging on the wall. He’d had his photos hanging on his respective walls for years, at that. I’ve been in my apartment for 9 months and I still haven’t hung anything that didn’t come ready to mount, much less any non-existent photos of my own. I’m not certain what has …

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I’m Gonna Eat Your Brains – Short Horror

I’m Gonna Eat Your Brains (Short Film) The award winning horror short film is finally available to watch online! Watch this superbly directed film by Benjamin Owens, with Cinematography by me of course. Synopsis During a 1950s-set zombie apocalypse, a young woman carries her injured lover into a basement to escape. But as he begins to turn into a zombie, she must choose between her love and her survival. This disturbing minimal horror short contrasts the underground and hidden nature of rape with the very visceral elements of horror. This film took home Best Film and Best Editing at the …

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Tag! by Scarves – A New Music Video

Please check out this fun short by the band “Scarves.” I was quickly approached to do some editing on this project by my long time collaborator, Benjamin Owens. Our mutual friend, Nikolas Stathakopoulos needed a new video for his band to accompany their radio coverage on a popular podcast.

Northwest Heat Music Video Festival

Northwest Heat Music Video Festival: A festival of local Northwest based music videos interspersed with local live bands. Founded in 2014 by Robert Borjorquez, this new festival consistently finds some dazzling music videos and some rad local bands to fill the evening. I’ve photographed this fesival twice now and it’s always fun to see how Robert uses the images in a fun creative way. [print_gllr id=436]

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Mr. Feelgood and the Firm Believers

The winners of the North Shore Music Video Competition was Mr. Feelgood and the Firm Believers'. North Shore Sessions They won a fully recorded song and a full music video session in their first live music video filmed at North Shore Studio and shot by Revolutionary Productions. The audio was recorded by North Shore Studio.

Portland: City of Roses

I’m in Portland, or PDX, as the hip people call it. I don’t know why they call it the city of roses, haven’t seen one yet. Maybe it’s too cold. Meanwhile, coffee, donuts, and beer are on the itinerary. Snapped a pic with my phone to try out my wordpress sync. In hipster camo, they can’t even see me. Chameleon mode. View from the back, enjoying the couches and delicious coffee The next day (and keep in mind, I’m typing this all on my phone, so bear with me) we carried on our mission of sampling beers and coffee all …