Mary By Chrispy

A young woman finds herself in a strange, confining place. Her attempts to break free from this world lead her further down the rabbit hole.


Executive Producers – Chrispy Stift and James Bauckman
Producer – James Bauckman, Benjamin Owens, and Tad Beavers
Director – Benjamin Owens
Director of Photography – Tad Beavers
Camera Assistant – Eliott Glasser
Assistant Director – Kes Simpson
MUAH, Wardrobe, Effects Makeup – Mi Chelle Nessk and the Alchemists Boudoir
Script Supervisor – James Mahoney
Carpenter and Set Building – Kyle Reardon
Extra Gardening – James Bauckman
Production Assistants – Lorraine Wilde, Chrispy Stift
Editors – Tad Beavers and Benjamin Owens


Jessica Young
Lorraine Wilde
Mary Simmons
Kayla Orloff
Chrispy Stift

Special Thanks:

Rebecca Orloff
Kellie and Pete Schmidt
Hank Rinksap
Erika Millage

The start of a long journey:

Little did I know, three years ago, that an unexpected client would go on to be my biggest collaborators. When it comes to film making, finding a producer who can finance your project is a godsend and incredibly rare. Finding one who also gives you extreme amounts of creative freedom is damn near unheard of. Ladies & Gentlemen, let me introduce you to Chrispy. As he puts it, he’s Chrispy on the outside and Jesus on the inside. You can check out the second music video, Summer, right here.