Mindfire Inc.: A Colorful Short Film

An Ode to Jacque Tati.

It may be Wednesday, but it’s time for a throwback. I made this short film over two years ago. It was a bit of an impromptu project spurred by a local week long film competition. The competition was a bit like a 48 film festival, only you had a week to create it. Which, although sounding easier, just forces you to be sleepless for an entire week. So much delirium. I can’t remember what all the requirements were, but using the term Mindfire was a must. I think the theme was “Burn it with Mindfire,” for the Idiom Theater’s Quickshot Film Festival.


Anyway, I just re-watched this film and was really pleased with the aesthetics and use of color. Yeah, it’s not the clearest plot and it’s not the most common ending, but I still think it’s a powerful short film for the LGBT community, demonstrating how that community is always forced to conform to other standards. And I really love some of the shots in it. It’s a funny video that always makes me laugh. I hope you enjoy it.