Off Script by Scarves – Music Video

If you follow my work, you may recognize Niko Stathakopoulos. The frontman and founder of the Indie-Pop band, “Scarves,” Niko is one of the most motivated musicians I know. He is one of the most prolific producers of music videos for an indie band I’ve ever met. Always throwing around ideas and looking for ways to make new videos that are fun and engaging. This project was put aside months ago and then, out of the blue, suddenly came back front and center. With little more than a week to prepare, Niko found himself a talented group of luchadors in the Lucha Libre Volcánica Wrestling team from Seattle, WA. With a strong concept and an open venue, we shot this video in a few hours with little preperation. Thanks to the talents of the crew of the band, wrestlers, and film production, the video went off without a hitch and was finished in time for Scarves newest album, “Mall Goths,” which can be downloaded from their bandcamp page. This is easily the closest I’ve ever been to getting knocked out while filming; however, I never felt threatened. The talented Luchadors wield their bodies like a surgeon wields a scalpel. Repitition and precision is the name of the game and they never once came even close to hitting me, despite my clueless habits in the ring. Collaborating with my longtime director, Benjamin Owens, get up close and personal with a rare form of art in our newest music video.