Summer by Chrispy

A young couple elopes down the river with all their possessions strapped to their canoe. When a mythical creature confronts them, their new found love quickly erodes into a dark conclusion.

Music and lyrics by Chrispy
Story and Produced by Chrispy, Benjamin Owens, & Tad Beavers
Directed by Benjamin Owens
Director of Photography: Tad Beavers
Executive Producer: James Bauckman

Jessica Young
Weston S. Long
Neil McLaughlin

Camera Operator/Equipment Supervisor: Gary Washington
Costume Design: Aubrey Kornelis
Prop/Production Assistant: Erika Millage
Production Assistant: Rutger Wagner
Craft Services: Chrispy

Special Thanks:
Andy Millage
Jessa Patton
Third Planet
Aladdin’s Lamp Gifts & Antiques
Conn Buckley

Music video produced by Revolutionary Productions 2015

The melodic sounds of Chrispy mesh with the soft sounds of nature in this naturally lit, completely outdoor music video. This is my second collaboration with Chrispy Stift, a reserved, yet radical, chef from Bellingham, WA. Chrispy has been a wonderful person to work with. He is a talented engaged producer and a damn fine chef too. My longtime collaborater, Benjamin Owens, is in the same boat. This is our second music video for Chrispy. The first was another eerie short featuring Jessica Young, called Mary.