SVO: Subject/Verb/Object

Subjec / Verb / Object  is a Bellingham rock band composed of Jake Werrion and Brett Steelhammer, yes….. Steelhammer. I first met Jake a few years ago as he was and still is dating a past roommate of mine. Goofy and loveable he’s always a good friend to turn to. Brett, I met just before the shoot began. On top of that, I didn’t have a chance to hear any of their music before the shoot. But I knew Jake and we got along fine, I knew his general style. I was put on the spot to find some interesting …

Northwest Heat Music Video Festival

Northwest Heat Music Video Festival: A festival of local Northwest based music videos interspersed with local live bands. Founded in 2014 by Robert Borjorquez, this new festival consistently finds some dazzling music videos and some rad local bands to fill the evening. I’ve photographed this fesival twice now and it’s always fun to see how Robert uses the images in a fun creative way. [print_gllr id=436]