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The Copacetics: A Photoshoot


I had  a photoshoot for The Copacetics this summer. They’re an old-timey folk folk band duo consisting of Tyagi Doran and Denny Franzmann. They play off each other on the banjo and guitar, respectively. But that’s not all they do. Denny is a regular radiobox of swinging showtunes from the 20’s and Tyagi is a tap dancing machine. He tears the floor up with his classy wingtip shoes. The two of them belt and hoot and holler all manner of Folk, American, and Swing songs from the 20’s up through the 70’s, as well as a healthy mix of their own original compositions. It’s a rowdy show and a good time to boot.


Pat Doran & Denny Franzmann

Tyagi Doran and Denny Franzmann jam in the woods.


This band plays some great music and their live performances are truly something to see. They do a great job of bringing energy to the crowd, but their range is so diverse, they have no trouble playing dance songs, background tunes, disney songs, classical, jazz, and some occasional funk.


Pat Doran & Denny Franzmann play music together

The Copacetics take a Jazz break down on the shores of Lummi Island.

Hit play. Why describe them when you can be listening to them.

I swear I almost made this auto-play.
You hit play, right?!


You can find more of their stuff on Soundcloud and Facebook. Check this rocking band out!


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